Quality Products from the Farm

At our farm store, you’ll find a wide variety of tasty treats

With great diligence, creativity, and pleasure in agriculture, at Lahnerhof, we produce quality products with traceable origins. Our bacon and smoked sausages are produced through species-appropriate care and smoked by Erich. Martina is responsible for the loving preparation of our delicious fruit spreads. Quality can also be tasted in the milk from our happy cows or our fresh eggs. Our fragrant farmhouse bread, made from rye grown on our farm, is baked in the traditional farm oven.

This is what pleasure looks like at Lahnerhof. Just take a look at our farm store!

To give away or enjoy yourself!

Taste quality products from Lahnerhof

Our farm products

  • Fruit spreads and syrups
  • Original South Tyrolean farmhouse bacon
  • Smoked sausages
  • Fresh eggs
  • Fresh cow’s milk
  • Farmhouse bread baked in our original stone oven
  • Herbal salt with aromatic herbs from our garden
  • Elderberry jelly

Gift baskets

A successful and high-quality present that everyone will enjoy. We put together individual gift baskets for you according to your wishes. Bon appétit!

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